Our Process

City and Site Investigation

We check with the relevant city and/or jurisdiction for all planning, zoning and building requirements. We also check to see if there are other authorities that need to be included for approval, ie; homeowners associations, California Coastal Commission, historical societies, etc.

Schematic Design

This phase involves measuring the property and preparing "as built" drawings. These are drawings of the existing condition of the site and any existing structures on the property.

We then create a program based on the scope of the job. The program defines the use and functionality for the project. If it is a remodel, what is being removed and what is new. If it is a new house, what spaces are required, interior and exterior.

We then work on preliminary designs, based on the program, to investigate the new space and spatial layout with relation to the existing space, if there is one. This phase includes two-dimensional (2D) paper drawings and three-dimensional(3D) computer modeling.

Design Development

Further design, drawings and details are prepared to proceed to the construction drawing stage, to give to the structural engineer for preparing any structural plans and details required. This phase includes more detailed floor plan(s), exterior elevations, interior elevations, lighting and electrical layouts. We can also spec out materials, interior and exterior. We consult with the engineer and any other consultants required for the project.

Construction Documents

Prepare construction documents, working drawings, for submssion to the city and/or jurisdiction for approval and permits. This phase includes all the architectural and structural plans. We will submit the plans to the proper juristication(s) for plan check and handle it until the plans are approved and ready for permitting.

Site Inspections

Our job does not end once the plans are approved. We are available for site visits during construction as the need arises.

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